Remaking legacy visualizations on Kibana, problems with colors and filters

Hey everyone, hope you're doing okay.

I've been migrating legacy visualizations into lens visualizations (mostly for the better tooltips) and i've been banging my head about seemingly basic features from the legacy ones not being available on lens.

Given that i'm not an expert on Kibana I tought I would share my issues and see if i'm missing something really basic.

First of all there's the problem of not being able to change the colors per label when you use a breakdown by significant terms or filters. In the legacy visualization if you click on the label on the preview you can choose a color for it from the limited (but acceptable) chosen color palette. This doesn't happen with lens and it means you don't get to choose what colors are applied to each label (as to maybe mark errors with a strong reddish color and sucesses with a pastel green color).

I've been getting around this by basically adding each significant term as another layer with the corresponding filter. Which means that I have to basically implement the visualization again for every label the graph shows in order to be able to choose its color. If anyone knows a better way to manually pick a color (it boggles my mind that it's so hard to define colors for stuff on Kibana) it'd be gretly appreciated.

The second problem i've been having and the main reason I decided to ask the community is that on the legacy visualizations when you broke down or used a horizontal axis on a vertical bar graph with filters the ones that returned no results wouldn't show in the visualization. With lens however all filters are always shown even if they have no results, which makes these visualizations have a lot of wasted space compared to the others. So far I haven't found a work around for this, but if anyone does it'd be greatly appreciated as well.

Anyhow, hope you guys are doing okay.

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Thanks for reaching out. We really appreciate the feedback! Regarding your first question, this issue is tracking the addition of color by term in lens [Lens] Support categorical coloring by name · Issue #101942 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. it's definitely on the todo list. I've added a link to this post

If i'm understanding the 2nd point correctly (don't show "filters" chart dimensions that are empty) I don't think we have an issue for that yet. I can see how that could be useful and think it would make a good enhancement.

...and I hope you're doing okay as well!

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