Lens — request for improvement

Lens is beautiful, but so far it has a lot of flaws, for example:

  • Colors cannot be changed
  • X/Y-axis labels can't be renamed or removed (1-2)
  • Legend cannot be hidden (3)

Very disappointing :sleepy:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm one of the engineers working on Lens, and can tell you that we are currently working on these kinds of styling options, especially color. Since you've tried it out and it wasn't what you were expecting, maybe you can be more specific about your requests and I'll see if we can prioritize some of the work on it.

So the main questions I have are:

  • What kind of color options were you expecting Lens to have?
  • You said you want to remove all the text labels, what's your use case for a chart with no text?

Thanks for your attention!
I want to choose a color so that it does not change, for example, red for errors and green for successful operations. You can use an existing schema:


About labels here is an example when they are not needed (everything is clear from the title):


Thanks, those examples are helpful.

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