Font size and colors in Lens bar charts


This is a pretty basic question, but I cannot find the answers in the Kibana documentation.

I have a Lens bar charts visualization where I want to change the font size and colors of the bar legends and axis titles.

How do I do that?

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Hey! This is not. possible atm. We are planning in a future minor to give the users the ability to give specifc colors on the bars based on the values but we don't plan to give more control to the font sizes and colors of the axis titles or legend items atm.

Hi @Stratoula_Kalafateli

Thanks for answering swift. I look forward for the coloring of the bars improvement. I hope it will make it for 7.17.0.

I am a bit disappointed with the missing control over the color and font size bar legends. One have to click on a bar or hover over it. But we need more fine grained control over the layout.

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