Kibana - Changing the color/font of Aggregation/Lens Bar Chart?

Hi Team,
In Kibana 8.5 Version - I'm using lens/Aggregate Bar chart to visualize my data.
I want to change the color/font of those X-Axis & Y-Axis available in the widget.
Is that possible to change ?

Hi @mohammedniyaz

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That is not possible yet. What type of use case you have to change the styling of the axis?

Thanks for your quick response @Marco_Liberati .

I would like to change the X-Axis & Y-Axis color from Grey to Black.

Kindly let me know is there any alternative option to change the color from Grey to Black.

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No, at the moment there's no way to change the color for the XY axis yet.
Feel free to open an enhancement request here for such feature: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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