Kibana not using defined colors in legacy visualizations

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue where Kibana continues to use random colors from the assigned palettes in some visualizations despite the fact that I designed specific colors per label on each one of them. I want to be clear that this happens with some elements of the dashboards and others use the colors they're supposed to use despite both elements being of the same kind (Bar chart)

This is rather maddening since I have related visualizations next to each other that end up with different colors for the same things and it ends up being very confusing.

Is there something i'm missing?
Could it be a browser issue? I tried using CTRL+F5 to do a clean reload but I still get the same thing.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, i'm using the baseline version from the download page of Kibana 7.13.2

Try disabling this dashboard option - Sync color palettes across panels

I tried disabling that option and it didn't help.

I'd like to mention the visualizations show the chosen colors when I go to edit them but keep their randomnly assigned colors when just seeing them in the dashboard.

Basically the colors are being assigned and stored correctly but for some reason when they're shown in the dashboard they're changed to whatever Kibana picked from the corresponding pallete.

I'm not sure if it's a cache issue or an actual bug.

I'm trying to recreate this, and am unable to so far. I'm using 7.13.2, and building a dashboard with bar charts where colors have been assigned.

Are the bar charts that you're using made with Visualize, or Lens? Is it always the same panels which don't retain the color choices when viewed from a dashboard? If so, can you identify anything that they all have in common?

It is always the same panels that fail to show their true colors. It doesn't happen on a new dashboard i'm building, it only happens on dashboards that were imported from Kibana 7.7.0 (Pretty important detail I assume, sorry I forgot to mention that).

They are all legacy Visualize graphs (I find lens isn't quite able to replace them yet) using the legacy color palette. I assigned the colors to the labels on the current version of Kibana. Also all of the ones that fail are bar charts, both vertical and horizontal, but there are other bar charts of the same kind that do display the configured colors while fitting the same criteria, so i'm not seeing any reason or motive behind this issue quite yet.

Trying to identify the cause I discovered removing the visualization and adding it back in updates the colors for that visualization in the dashboard. So it must be related to the way colors are cached somehow.

Well removing it and adding it back up seems to be only a temporary fix since I got into work this morning and they weren't using the defined colors again.

After a couple of days Kibana started using the defined colors for all the visualizations in the dashboard, it seems it was a cache issue of some sort and eventually got purged.

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