Kibana Visualization Bar/Line color not stable

Hello All,

I want to make a visual with stable bar colors but colors are changing once i add those visuals on dashboard. And also they change when i try to change them from dashboard or from inside the visual. Is there any permanent fix for this issue please suggest.

Would like to have constant red color for visual as below,but changes to green by default when we make changes in timerange/when we refresh the browser.

Elk version 7.9.1



This was a problem in earlier Kibana visualizations which has been fixed for later versions.
You also get a lot more improved visualizations in lens and classic agg vizs plus color palettes which remain constant as you switch between apps.

Our latest version was 8.4.1. Download Elastic Products | Elastic
Do you know if upgrade is an option for you?


Hello @bhavyarm ,

Thanx for looking into this.Currently upgrade is not an option for now.
Is there any alternative where in constant color could be maintained.The reason to show particular color is to represent data in particular fomat.
Ex: Red bar indicates--->Alert,Green-->stable,Yellow-->threshold..likewise different visual have diff meaning.
Let me know if there is any possibility with elk version 7.9.1.

Many Thanx,

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