Bucket aggregation

Hello everyone, I have a short question for you.

Currently I am trying to make an aggregation request for a table visualization. Except that I am limited to 65000 bucket or so (by default I believe according to the error I currently have)

I know that it is possible to increase this limit and I think that given my request it can be counted in millions.

In my case, what will happen if I increase the "search.max_buckets" parameter?

Do you have any advice to give me ?

thank you for your future answers

Hi @meyer1 yes, you can increase this number according to:

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Basically it becomes more expensive to run to calculate each bucket, which is why that limit is in place.

You will probably hit a circuit breaker in Elasticsearch that will stop you from OOMing your node(s), but be careful increasing this to millions.

If you need to do this, you may want to rethink your approach.


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