Bucket Script in Data table Visualization OR Option to download raw data as csv from TSVB table

Hello Team,

I have a requirement to show percentage value in a data table and send it as a report to user for the mentioned interval. In normal Data table visualization we have Formatted , CSV to export raw data from the kibana, but same thing is not there in Visual builder

I have a challenge here to use Data Table ,

I need to take sum of field1 and sum of field 2 then calculate the percentage of field1 and field2.

I am not able to achieve this in Data table visualization, but this can be done in TSVB using Bucket script , but there i don't have an option to export the data.

Can you please suggest me a better approach to my problem!!


Hello Ramya,

unfortunately we cannot download csv report out of time series visual builder. You can print a report and share it though?


Hi Bhavya,

Printable Reports will not help user in terms of future enhancement on that data

Can i achieve following in Table Visualization

Agg1 - Sum of Incoming call
Agg2 - Sum of All documents
Agg3 - Sum of Incoming call * 100 / Sum of All documents

I am able to do the above Calculation using bucket script in visual builder , how how can we do the same thing in data table visualization , Please help me!


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