Time Series Visual Builder (TSVB) Table: How do I apply options to a Bucket Script computed field?

I have for one of my columns in the TSVB table
a bucket script that look like "params.numerator/params.denominator * 100".

I wish to select a color based on that computed value, but I only see the raw values in the drop down in the options tab for the bucket script column. Am I missing something?

Hi @anelson-edge --

I am not too familiar with TSVB or Bucket Scripts, but I was able to recreate what I think you're looking for using a slightly reworked version of the "[Logs] Host, Visits and Bytes Table" that comes with the Kibana sample data.

Here's the visualization:

Here are the Columns and Metrics:

And here are the Options for the Bucket Script:

Does that help?

That does indeed help! Thank you very much.
My viz is now a thing of beauty with your help @jportner. :joy:

What I find lacking for data table is examples and documentation. In any case I now see that I ignore the filter and aggregate function. (I wish I could find examples of those as well :frowning: ).

Perhaps the pending New Year holidays made me a bit dense as well. :thinking:

Glad that helped!

I agree, the docs for visualizations and TSVB in particular could use more examples. I'll pass that along to the team.


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