TSVB - Data table creating ratio column using filter ratio in aggregation

Hi Community,
I set up a data table using TSVB. The data table includes total numbers as well as ratios, please see the screenshot:

The ratios are based on bucket scripts using aggregations:

As last column I am trying to add the ratio from total_volume which includes a specific string. So I assumed to put a filter ratio into one of the bucket script params:

But it breaks the table panel:

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for your help.

Hi, it looks like this is a bug in TSVB. I tried reproducing a Filter Ratio column using a sum aggregation on a numeric field, and got the same result.

Unfortunately the error is buried in the JavaScript developer console:

The highlighted [object Object] part means that data is not serialized properly for the request.

Looks like you did nothing wrong here. Filed this bug: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/82067

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