Use Ratio between average metrics


I try to make a ratio between 2 metrics during a period.

1 - sum aggregation of server RAM Used

2 - sum aggregation of server Ram capacity

I did it with TSVB and bucket aggregation and it works but il would like to export these informations in csv so i try to do it with Data Table

TSVB or TimeLion make a such operation for a given date. I would like to do it for a specified duration.

Could you give me tips to do it un DataTable ? In fact if i could use a Bucket aggregation in a Kibana visualisation like DataTable i could fix my problem

Hello @filleul_thierry

Unfortunately the bucket script aggregation is available only on TSVB or on Canvas.

Both options do not allow to export to CSV file.

We have already 2 issues on Kibana to track this:

At the moment, you might take a look to this community plugin:

I am sure it allows to display a ratio between columns, but I am not 100% sure it allows to export to CSV.

Thank You very much Luca

I try the plugin Enhanced Table it works fine and you can export the data with csv.

May be a such plugin could be proposed by Elastic.

I will track the bucket aggregation feature in Data Table visualization

Regarding the csv option i would like to automatise csv export in Data Table but i think i need XPack plugin because i don't find a such option for my version.

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Hello @filleul_thierry

You need an X-Pack basic license to be able to export in CSV (

To automate the triggering of the report within Elasticsearch, you need Watcher which is available only in Trial, Gold, Platinum or Enterprise.
This means Watcher is included in Elastic Cloud.

To automate the process from outside Elasticsearch, you can use this menu.


Once you Copy POST URL, you can write a script which calls Kibana via curl or any HTTP client.

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