Filter Ratio in TSVB to show Percentage

I need to calculate the percentage for a null values present in a column w.r.t to unique ids present in another column and not based on record counts.

I tried the percentage in Table and Pie chart but they are quiet miss leading.

Can someone help with how this can be done in TSVB Filter Ratio or whether I've done it correctly?

Have set the Data Formatter to Percent.

TSVB uses the Query String syntax, so I think that might be your issue:

The other setting that might be relevant is the time range- you should try setting the TSVB range to Entire time range instead of Last value only.

Thank you @wylie. I have set the date to Entire Time Range and the filter ratio by entering values as shown in the above picture. :slight_smile:

Did you change the query based on the syntax documentation I sent above?

No @wylie, I filled the numerator, denominator and metric aggregation as shown in the first image. I was able to get the right percentage as shown below.

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