Kibana visualization to calculate percentage


I am trying to calculate percentage based on hits with filter query

for example

index=test and status=disconnected - disconnected_hits
index=test total_hits

percentage = disconnected_hits/total_hits * 100

from Metric visualization am trying to achieve this but not able to achieve

Could some one help me the best ways to achieve this in Kibana


This is a complex calculation, and I think you might only be able to do this using TSVB or Vega in Kibana 7.13. Starting in Kibana 7.14, Lens will offer this feature too. TSVB has a feature called Filter Ratio which might work, and if that isn't powerful enough you have to use Vega.

We have documentation about this, see the descriptions of each editor in 7.13 and in 7.14, as well as the list of features in 7.13 and the list of features in 7.14.

Thank you for the details. am currently at 7.11.1 seems i need to upgrade to achieve this use case

I don't think you need to upgrade- TSVB can probably handle this use case in your version, and if that doesn't work then Vega might work. Kibana 7.14 isn't released yet.

Yes, the % is working fine in TSVB but I didn't see any option to multiply output with 100.

My current output is 0.998 but would like to display it as 99.8 only this am not able to achieve.

am not much familiar with vega but will try

Thank you for your suggestions


You can choose to use the Percent formatter in TSVB.

Thank you .. now I have created dashboard with exact requirement.

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