Why kibana tsvb metric display 100% as 0%


I'm working with tsvb metric.

I'd like to display a ratio.
I'm using ratio filter.

I'd like to ask about why kibana shows a 0%, when It must show 100%.
The numerator is a count with a filter, and the numerator is the count of all of then.
I have displayed It in two columns, the first got the numerator count, and the second one has the denominator.

the % should be 0,9996012 and It must shows a 100% or a 99%.

The second image shows the options. I had tried with custom data formatter and It shows the same 0%.


Hope you can help me with this.

Regards, Luis.

There are two things happening here:

  1. TSVB operates on an auto interval by default, and the Metric aggregations you are seeing are only working on the last bucket. In 7.4.0 and beyond there is now a switch to consider the entire time range in TSVB, instead of just that last bucket.

  2. The Filter Ratio divides a metric for you, so for example if I want to see the percentage of users on 7.4.0 I could set up a query like this: Version: "7.4.0" and divide it by *. To get the opposite of that query, I would have to use NOT Version: "7.4.0".

Based on your request, I don't think you should be using "Group by filters", you probably want "Group by everything". It's possible your query syntax is invalid.

Dear Wylie,

I had tried both.
I'll show you in photos the real tsvb that I was made.
It uses "entire range", and group by "everything".

The image I put before shows the 2 numbers that I'm trying to divide.
It was 54864 / 54883.


For the other hand I have the same syntax that I had used to show the numerator number and the denominator number, so I think It's correct.

I really think that kibana is rounding up the 0,9996 number to 0%, I don't really know why.

Regards, Luis.

I think the issue here is that your Numerator filter is not a valid filter. Can you try using that same filter in Discover, Visualize, or Dashboards?

Sure, I'll put you this example:

I'll include a count to visualize the number that the filter are counting:

With the filter that includes all the rows that are valued:

Includes all the null Values:

The Filter Ratio uses this syntax:

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