Filter Ratio in metric not showing results as expected

Hi All,
I am using the TSVB to use filter ratio to divide two values
I need to divide the sum of tcv of just presales stage closed / win with the total tcv
Below is the configuration I used

The filter used in numerator is Pre-Sales Stage :"Stage 6: Closed Win" OR Pre-Sales Stage : "Stage 6: Won"

The result shows 0 but when i format in percent ,it shows 0.05%
The result is far variated
I should be getting 6.45%
Also the filter used in numerator behaves weird
when I use Pre-Sales Stage :"Stage 6: Closed Win" the value appears 0%
but if i include 'or' at the end Pre-Sales Stage :"Stage 6: Closed Win" or ,the values shows 0.05%

I also tried using the query string format...still I get the results far variated.

Please if somebody could help.
Also i am using Kibana 7.6.1
Below is the panel option and option tab settings

Thank you

Is Pre-Sales Stage your field name? If yes, I think you have to escape the space like described here:

You can test whether the queries you are using for numerator/denominator are working correctly by going to discover, setting the search bar to Lucene and checking whether the right documents are shown.

Thanks a lot.

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