Range query for date in filter ratio - TSVB

I want to calculate percentage of sales between offer period. I have multiple stores having offers running during multiple dates. I tried with TSVB, filter ratio as in below image. I'm getting 0% even having data for condition

    "sale_id": "NAGJS49i493",
    "sale_date": "2021-01-01T17:15:20.000-0500Z",
    "offer_start_dt": "2021-01-01T10:15:20.000-0500Z",
    "offer_end_dt": "2021-01-01T17:15:20.000-0500Z", 

Please help


How is your data defined? In one index pattern altogether? Can you see the data in timeseries visualization?


yes bhavyarm
All data is in a index

can you see the data as visualizations in other tabs of TSVB?


@Marius_Dragomir thanks!

Thanks @bhavyarm for reply :smiley:

Yes, all data is in a index and hence a index pattern. I've mentioned index pattern in the 'Panel options' section and also set data time range mode to 'Entire time range'

All chart modes display 0 value, any difference I can observe is few dots at zero on time series graph.

I just spent some more time to try few combinations, but no luck
While I change Numerator: offer_start_dt: * & Denominator: * , I get values in all of the tabs.
I can see data is available via discover tab.

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