Date Filter

I am trying to see how many count of items named from the data index has expiry date less than 30 days from now and also the count of items having expiry date till the next 30 days. I have tried a lot in TSVB with three different filters but the correct numbers are not displaying to show it. Can you able to guide me on this?

This is the number i am getting.

I have changed my logic to +/- 30d to +/- 1d.. but still, my values remain the same.

Please guide what to do.

Hi, sorry for being late on this, have you already fixed this issue? if no please let me know and I can try to help you here

NO. I am still facing this issue. Please guide me on this issue.

Could you double check if you have selected "Entire time range" Under the Date timerage mode in the "Panel Options"

If not, TSVB takes only the time bucket of the current time window interval and apply the calculation only to that interval. In your case it looks like the date bucket used are daily buckets, and that's why it doesn't change much.

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