TSVB dates not lining up (1M offset, 1st MAR vs 1st FEB)


I've been trying to get a Month over Month comparison going using TSVB Time Series. I finalised this series last week and everything looked good. I've opened up the visualisation this morning and found that the dates are not lining up.

Current month is a count of the data set. Previous Month is a count of the data set with a 1M offset. I understand that FEB is a shorter month, but why does my prior month data start showing from 3rd and end 29th rather than start on 1st and end on 28th? It was showing this way when I initially built the series.

I've also run into issues where the the TSVB is picking up data outside the date range and I think this is a linked issue.



Hey @Brendan_Fisher, thanx for reporting this! Which kibana version do you use? There was a problem with offsets that was fixed on 7.11.

Hi Stratoula,

Thanks for coming back to me! Looks like we are currently running Kibana 7.9.3. So looks like this might be remedied with an upgrade to 7.11?


I think yes, I tried to reproduce your problem on 7.11 and I can't while I can on a 7.9.3 instance I have. So I am quite positive that an upgrade will solve your offset problems.

Ping us if the problem persists!

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