TSVB is not working after ELK up gradation from 7.10 to 7.11.2 with the epoch time field


ELK is upgraded from 7.10 to 7.11.2, TSVB is working as expected.

It is simple tsvb configuration. the aggrgation is count and group by everthing.

The time stamp of the indexpattern is date but it is in epoch time.
before upgradation it is working. after it is not working. am i missing anything ?

could you please help.


Hi @anjilinga It sounds like you might need to configure the format of your date field in the Index Pattern itself. There's an option to format date fields in Stack Management -> Index patterns. If you select your index pattern and filter the fields list for 'date' fields, you should be able to configure the date format:

I hope that's what you mean by "not working", if it's not, could you please give a bit more detail as to what isn't working?

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