TSVB Visualisation get the filter date Value

Hi All....

i want to create a Visualisation using TSVB. can we get a Day of time filter? exp: we get a minday = 1 , and maxday = 31 from time filter like this, or time interval of timefilter.

i need this value to calculate the achievment in script bucket or math.


Hi @umay_fb.

I'm having trouble understanding your goal. Can you share more of your TSVB visualization with us? More screenshots would be helpful.

I want to calculated the selling data. it using date in time picker.
so the formula is (maxdaydatetimepicker-mindaydatetimepicker)/()maxdaytimepicker *(revenue/targetrevenue)

from thia timepicker:
so if using time picker like that the formula : (31-1)*(3k/5k).

Hi @umay_fb. This was a great question. This is how I found the number of days (max date - min date). The foo aggregation was required to access the Math aggregation even though I never use it. The 86400000 parameter is the number of milliseconds in a day.

I hope this helps.

wow thanks for the answer..
I just knew I could use it. but i get the different result like this..

why i get 29.5 not 30? is that any wrong with my script? i use

(params._timestamp - params._all.foo.timestamps[0]) / 86400000

where i can get the documentation about timestamps tsvb kibana?

In the Panel Options tab, change "Drop Last Bucket?" to "No".

thanks for answer... why i cant use it when i use Data timerange mode a entire time range? i use this formula and get a zero value..

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