TSVB Table - Using user selected time interval for calculation

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[Kibana Version : 7.4.2]

I am creating a TSVB Table which looks as shown below
(note: actual product names have been masked and replaced in the screenshot below)

The row data is to be read as: There are 109 "Prod-0" and was used 3919 times . Usage Per product is Usage Count/Product Count (i.e. 3919/109 = 35.954). All this with time filter of "Last 30 Days".

Calculation of "Usage per product per day" is where I am stuck at. The calculation is simple: usage count/product count/[user selected time filter]
Question: How to get the user selected "Time Interval" for calculation ? (in this case 30 days)
What I have tried:
Option-1: Bucket Script with params._interval as "time interval". This doesn't work because params._interval returns bucket interval and not user select Time Interval.
Option-2: Derivative Aggregation. I tried to use derivative aggregation as shown in screenshot below but the result is always zero.

So to repeat the question, Is there a way to use user selected "Time Interval" for calculation in TSVB.


PS: I wanted data to be represented in tabular format and since there is calculation involved (like usage per product and usage per product per day) i have gone with TSVB Table as the option. I am open to suggestion of using any other visualization for same result.

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You want to be able to display the usage per day regardless of the user selected time interval? I'm afraid that might be impossible.

Hello Marius,

Unfortunately that is what is my requirement - to display the usage per day regardless of user selected time interval.

Since it is not possible, for time being I am going with the alternative option of hard-coding the interval in the options pane :worried:.


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