TSVB Table Sorted by timestamp


I have a nice TSVB graph and I'm trying to get a table out of it sorted by timestamp. Should be simple, but it doesn't show any value:

I want a time-based table like the other Table graph, but needs to be TSVB because I use Serial Difference.

Any idea? Maybe a painless script that will make it drop any entry with 0.0bit/s value?

Hey @lamp123432, TSVB table uses a terms aggregation to group the data. You can use datatable visualization instead that also supports serial diff aggregation and date histogram to group the data. For example here

I have used a date histogram for the bucket aggregation and serial diff as a metric to an average aggregation.

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Great, the only problem is that I use a Bucket Script to convert my counters into a rate, as follow:

(params.bytes * 8) / (params._interval / 1000)

If I use your method, will I need a scripted field?

TSVB would be best, but grouping by term timestamp isn't working : (

Edit: Ok I got it working with a scripted field for the bucket script part, thanks!

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