Sort on TSVB column when Last Value is selected

I have a TSVB table that is showing simple aggregations (sum of field) and I am showing it as last value. However when I sort descending it is instead sorting based on the entire time range (sort order does not match numbers displayed, but it does match if I change the field from Last Value to Full Range).

Is this a known bug? Is there a way for the sort to respect my Last Value selection?

Hi @Raynb , what version of Kibana do you use? I've checked on the 7.12 and it works fine there, unless I am missing something. Let me know!

Hi - Thanks for the response (and apologies for my late turnaround)
I'm on 7.11. Let me try to give more detail. I'm splitting my table by "page.keyword" and then aggregating a bunch of measures against it such as pageviews and last week pageviews. The TSVB is on a dashboard and hardcoded to the last 21 days in order to properly do the derivative.

You'll notice in my sort the 2nd and 3rd column aren't coming in right. If I change my panel options to all time it seems to sort absolutely properly (leading me to believe it's sorting based on all time records in the filter and not my last 7 days records).

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