TSVB Table does not remember Sort Column unless you click on it

I'm using Kibana 7.5.0.

I'm working on a TSVB Table, where my Group by field is a date field (with mapping "type" : "date"). That date field is displaying in the TSVB Table with format like "Apr 9, 2020 @ 00:00:00.000".

When in the Visualize editor, when I click on the date field column header (and see the up and down arrow), the column does successfully sort (both ascending or descending).

If I then Save, and reload the Visualize editor, that date field is no longer sorted properly (seems to be in random order).

I found the following open tickets in Github, but none are resolved yet:

Can anyone confirm they are seeing this issue?

Are there any known workarounds?

These sorting issues in the TSVB Table make it almost unusable for end users (if they don't know that they have to manually sort the column, they could misinterpret the results).

Thank you.

Hey @qualispec, welcome to the discussion boards!

I'm sorry you're having issues with the TSVB table -- I'm not aware of any workarounds, unless you use a different table visualization altogether, such as the "Data table" visualization, a table within Canvas, or a table within Lens.

In the meantime, please give each of the linked issues a "thumbs up" so that the engineering teams can prioritize these issues correctly.

Hi Larry, thanks for the quick response. I just added my "thumbs up" to those linked issues.

The reason I was using the TSVB table is that I needed to have columns that are calculations of other columns (i.e., column A divided by column B), which TSVB allows using the Math Aggregation.

I know the "Data table" visualization doesn't have that feature, do you know if that's achievable using a table within Canvas or a table within Lens?


Your reason for using the TSVB table make a lot of sense :slight_smile:

I don't think you can do that with Lens yet, but it might be possible with Canvas, if you can express your data table in terms of a SQL query. The ES SQL connector that canvas uses supports math operations if I recall correctly

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