BucketPath to ScriptedMetric not working?

I'm trying to get a ScriptedMetric in a BucketScript, that should be possible right?

This is my query (in NEST)
.ScriptedMetric("Urgency-Level", sm => sm
.InitScript(i => i.Inline("params._agg.data = []").Lang("painless"))
.MapScript(i => i.Inline("params._agg.data.add(doc.urgency.value)").Lang("painless"))
.CombineScript(i => i.Inline("int urgency = 0; for (u in params._agg.data) { urgency += u } return urgency").Lang("painless"))
.ReduceScript(i =>i.Inline("int urgency = 0; for (a in params._aggs) { urgency += a } return urgency").Lang("painless"))
.BucketScript("finalScore", scb => scb
.BucketsPath(bp => bp
.Add("avgScore", "Avg-Score")
.Add("urgencyLevel", "Urgency-Level")
.Add("maxDateTime", "Max-DateTime"))
.Script(i => i.Inline("params.avgScore").Lang("painless"))

BTW, I do realize that the ScriptedMetric does exactly do what the Sum aggregation does, but that's going to change of course... The result of this metric is a nice single value 11...

But I'm getting the error: "aggregation_execution_exception Reason: "buckets_path must reference either a number value or a single value numeric metric aggregation, got: org.elasticsearch.search.aggregations.metrics.scripted.InternalScriptedMetric"

As if the ScriptedMetric hasn't ran yet?


The scripted metric can return values of different type:
In your example you return a number so if you want to access the value you need to specify the full path. In your example it is Urgency-Level.value (value refers to the metric computed by your reduce script).

You've got to be kidding me :S

I've tried everything, including this, but when I tried this I probably did something else wrong (like using groovy instead of painless)...

But it finally works now, thanks you!

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