Bug in elasticsearch search_after rest api?

Hi all, im running into what I'm thinking might be a bug. I'm using the REST search api to return log entries stored in our elasticsearch cluster. This could run into the tens of thousands, so I'm using search_after to return subsets at a time. This is mostly just working fine, but I ran into a small issue in the response. The last page returns this for hits.total even though the actual number of documents in that specific "paginated" response is well below 10.000.

  'value' => 10000,
   'relation' => 'gte'

Is this a bug? I was expecting the see the actual number of returned documents there and use it to stop the loop. This is latest ES7.8

This number shows the "total" number of hits whatever the "page" you're looking at.

So this is expected.

So there is no way to see how many results you're getting back in your current query?

You mean? The number of hits on the current page or the exact total number of hits?

The number of hits on the current page, especially the last page. So lets say I have 45000 hits in total, page 1 to 4 have the maximum of 10000 hits, so I expect the last page to have 5000 hits. Is there a way to see that 5000 number anywhere as a response of that specific 5th query?

No but you can count how many hits you have in the array in the response I guess?

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