Bug: The vertical axis naming in the dashboard panel looks incorrect

Hello Elastic Team,

The vertical axis has more than 5 different metrics graphed against time on horizontal axis. But the name on the vertical axis always happens to the the last updated metric on the Vertical Axis, this is causing confusion as we have more than 5 metrics there and the name is always one of the metrics name. If I try to leave the name empty, it actually takes the name of the metric itself.

what I expect is: have a generic name or list all the metrics on the vertical axis that are plotted against it.
I am thinking the horizontal axis is acting the same way, but I have not tested it, to say it with confidence.

Hello Elastic team,
Happy Monday!

Wondering if you had time to review this?

I've uploaded an image to show the issue to make things clear.

The title/name of the last item plotted on the axis get assigned as the axis title/name instead of giving us an opportunity to have a generic title that we prefer when we have more than item plotted on the vertical axis.

I'm thinking this could be a bug, or it could just be me. Could anyone of you please clarify at the earliest?

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