How to label visualization axes?

I'm experimenting with Kibana 4 for the first time and liking what I can do with it. However, I'm having trouble with a really simple thing: how can I label the axes of a graph?

No matter what kind of visualization I choose, the axes look like this:

I want to give the Y axis a title (IOPS), and for the X axis I want to change the title to "Time", and have it show the actual time instead of leaving it blank.

Come someone please point me in the right direction for where I can do this?


Currently you cannot do this, keep an eye on though.

OK, thanks, I can wait for customizable axis titles. But why am I not getting any title at all for the Y axis, and no tick marks or X values on the X axis? All of the examples of Kibana 4 that I've seen have both of those things.

OK, so I've answered both of my own questions:

  1. There's no label for the Y axis because I'm using multiple Y axis metrics, and Kibana can't handle more than a single label. When I create a visualization with a single Y axis metric, the title appears as expected. (It's a crummy title because I chose a crummy variable name, but I can wait for the ability to edit it.)

  2. When I look at my visualizations on a different computer, I see values for the X axis, so that looks like a browser problem, not a problem with my visualizations.