Variable Custom Labels in Kibana Visualization


I am using kibana for visualization of sensor log, and I have three fields['field_name','field_value','field_time'] in one json doc. There are many field_names in the whole index, and I have an option filter where I choose the field_name from the list, and plotting is done b/w the field_value(max) and time for all the docs with that specific filed_name. What I want to achieve is changing the label name of y axis dynamically. In the dashboard when I choose a field_name, that field_name should be displayed in the label of y axis in the plot.

Its something like variable custom label I guess. Can somebody please help me asap.


It is not currently possible to use a variable for the custom label.

Hi nick,

Is there any other way, like using vega or timelion to acheive this?

Hi Suraj,

It might be possible with Vega, but I can not find any examples for doing this.

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