Customize the legend of visualization

Is it possible to add field name (or to customize) the legend of a visualization? I am using Kibana 6.3

Hey @M.alsioufi,

In a very basic case you'd usually use Custom Label, but can you please share screenshot and point to the thing you'd like to customize exactly?


Custom Label only shown on Tooltip or the first level bucket but if you have multiple levels of buckets it will not be shown in the legend.
So in this snapshoot you can see I have two levels (version, and result) the custom label is not shown, what I want to show is like : (Version:1.0.0, Version:2.0.0, result: true, result: false)

Okay, I see.

I think there is no good way to do it throw visualization/legend customization at the moment.

One idea is to use custom scripted field where you can prepend value with the label you need and use that field to build your visualization instead. But that may not be what you want though.

'Version: ' + doc['version.keyword'].value

Let's see, maybe someone else can come up with a better idea.


Well, I'd prefer to not create an entire new field just for this, but thanks :slight_smile:

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