Kibana 6.5.1 - Timelion - Y (and X) axis labels

EDIT - running version 6.5.1 of everything.

I hate that I'm even having to ask such a simple question, but I can't find a straight answer anywhere. Does timelion currently have the ability to add an x or y axis label? Example - if my y-values are average cost (metric=avg:cost), how can I add a vertical label stating such? Reason I ask - I recently implemented some dashboards and the timelion plots have both y-axis (left and right) being used at differing scales. The user feedback was that it was not clear which was for each. It makes sense to someone who knows the software and highlighting with your cursor etc, but this is a dashboard sitting up on a monitoring display full time, never touched or interacted with, running on auto-refresh, being looked at by people passing through who have no idea how to use it nor will touch it at all.

Hi there, you can call the yaxis function in your Timelion expression to set a Y Axis label.

.es(*).yaxis(label="My Y Axis")

There are also label and title functions which you can use to provide additional context.

.es(*).label(label="Label in legend").title("Title at top of chart")

Thank you for your feedback. I was previously aware of the legend re-labeling and title options, but your top item is actually what gave me what I was looking for. I guess I may have been able to find that had I used yaxis in timelion, let the autocomplete show me the options, and went from there. May I suggest this be added to the Timelion User Guide since I would think its probably a basic function that should be used on every plot generated for people? Just my .02, thanks again.

Additional feedback - likely a bug - if you add the Timelion display to a dashboard and set the options as using dark theme, the labels/titles change to white (which they should) but the yaxis label shows as black and cannot really be seen.

Thanks, I'm glad I could help. And thank you for pointing out that bug, looks like we are tracking it here:

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Yes, and thank you for pointing me to this as well. I was able to use something in the first post of the commit yaxis(color=#xxxxx) as a temporary workaround to actually just set that label to a lighter color until the bug is fixed.

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