Precision in timelion labels

I'm having some difficulties with the labels of my timelion charts (Kibana 6.6.2).
The thing is that the value printed on the label is somehow a rounding of the value on the chart. In the next chart, ALL values in the plateau between 18:20:00 and 18:40:00 show up as either 3 or 4, even though in the graph it's clear they float around.

If I then zoom-in into that region, I get the decimals.

Is there a way to control the number of decimals printed on the label irrespective of the y-axis scale? I couldn't find a reference for that. Sometimes, google isn't my friend :sob:

Best regards,

Hmm, have you tried using the precision function in Timelion? If that doesn't work it may be a good idea to report this as a bug.

Hey Lukas, thanks for taking the time to answer!
Yeap. Precision was one of the things I tried. As far as I could understand, it did nothing at all (the calculation part is correct, only the labels are "wrong").
There is a similar(?) report ( #12041) and also ( #17379) but I'm not sure if it is the same issue.
I'm kinda surprised this hasn't been brought up before with more... intensity? (gotta improve my English). I'll head to gthub then and report this as a bug.


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