Timelion value display limitation

Hi all,

Is the below a known issue ? Or a known but configurable behavior ?
Timelion is showing me a rounded value instead of the exact one ...
All values in [1.1250; 1.1300] would be Avg(1.1300) otherwise all values in [1.1200; 1.1250] would be Avg(1.1200) . Why displaying 4 digits if finally the 2 last are '00' ?


Thank you :slight_smile:

I think that is based on the precision received from Elasticsearch in the query. If you look in the dev console of your browser and check the request and response you should see if that is the result you get from ES.

Thanks for answering and sorry for the late reply here I was away fora week

Actually you are right, my bad ...
I was only looking at two different values on a very short period of time, so that's why I've got this impression of big gap ...
Apologies !


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