Max/min aggregation on timelion produces random roundings


I am using timelion to retrieve and max and min "Time" values from subbuckets that I am creating. To keep it simple I am creating buckets with 2 log entries in it. When I compute the min/max of a "number" field the value that I see on timelion is different from the value that I see on the log entry.

field that I am trying to aggregate on

LogEntry 1 : has the value "param.Time : 1931838479.51886"
LogEntry 2 : has the value "param.Time : 1931838518.69142"

I would expect the "metric:max:param.Time" for these two logs in a bucket to produce 1931838480. However I see a value 1931838464

I have tried computing this across different buckets and I dont see a pattern of the values ( when compared to the expected value ).

Any help/pointers in this regard will be very helpful.


To add to this query, when I use a "date" type field on the exact same log buckets I get the correct value. Its only with "number" type field that I see this random rounding issue.


It looks like there's an open issue to add some clarity around the precision of Timelion values here. Would you be willing to comment on this issue?


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