Timelion timestamp is distorted

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I'm not sure what happens with my timelion graphs but everytime I try to execute my .es search the timestamp is not accurate. Timelion graph's timestamp is few minutes ahead of the current time.

Here's an example of how wrong the timestamp is from the current one:

Is it a bug? I tried to check all other tools within kibana and there was no similar timestamp distortion to be found, only in Timelion.

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A couple of reasons I can think of:

  1. Timelion's time comes from server it's running on, so if time on the server is a bit ahead, it would explain where this difference it coming from. This one might be unlikely because all other tools in your Kibana show correct time.
  2. Time range that you chose might be going into the future.

In none of those help, perhaps you can attach a screenshot of the whole view? So that we could see your query and your time range?

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Hi Tonbon,

Thanks for the screenshot. I've just used the same query, the same time range and the same interval in my Timelion, and I cannot reproduce the issue you're having - in my case, the end time is perfectly accurate. Are you sure that the time on the server that your Kibana is running is accurate? Also, what Kibana version are you running? Maybe worth updating.

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Thank you for the answer. The issue might be on my server side then. I will double check it.

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No error on the server side. I'm not sure where this timestamp error comes from.

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