Can we change .yaxis() in timelion

I have json:-
{ExchangeName:YOBIT, CurrencyPair:ETHBTC ,MachineTime:June 5th 2017, 16:08:50.672, OrderSide:bids, Price:0.089 ,Quantity:0.002, _id:AVx31gjeldQy5pE4euee, _type:order, _index:ethbtc_order ,_score:1}

In Timelion i want in y axis = PriceValue

is it possible ?How i will do this ?

hi @shreyanshu_pare,

you'll have to specify that as a metric.

E.g.: the below query will show you the evolution of the average PriceValue over time.

.es(*, metric=avg:PriceValue)

I'd also recommend you go through the Timelion getting-started guide. It gives you an overview of its capabilities.



Thanks @thomasneirynck

One question its taking avg, we want value?its not taking correct values

Actally for perticualr time if 4 values are there in price so its taking avg of 4 values and gave one value.
But i want all the 4 values?is it possible?how we will do?

in timelion i want, there is OrderSide so there are 2 value one is asks and one is bids, so in timelion i want in yaxis price and in x-axis time and based on price we want to show orderside (two graph asks,bids). so i write one query:- (.es(index=ethbtc_order*,timefield=MachineTime,q='ExchangeNa‌​me:BITFINEX AND OrderSide:Asks',metric='avg:Price').label(Asks),.es(index=et‌​hbtc_order*,timefiel‌​d=MachineTime,q='Exc‌​hangeName:BITFINEX AND OrderSide:Bids',metric='avg:Price').label(Bids)).title(BITFI‌​NEX)

hi @shreyanshu_pare

you can't show individual values of documents right now. Timelion will always aggregate by some metric for each time-stamp.

ok @thomasneirynck, Instead of "avg" i am using "max",Now value is not changing

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