Yaxis scale on Canvas vs Timelion


In Kibana 7.3.1, when creating a graph in Timelion I can specify the unit for yaxis through "yaxis(units=bytes)" in order to scale to kb, mb, gb etc.. However, if I use the same query in Canvas, the yaxis does not scale. I am using in both places the same query:

.es(metric=avg:system.memory.free, timefield=fields.execution.date).label("Free").yaxis(units=bytes).lines(fill=1).fit(mode=scale),

Why there is such a difference in Canvas? How can I scale it in Canvas?

Cesar Lino

Canvas and Timelion use separate charting mechanisms.

Could you provide a screenshot of both? We might be able to craft a Canvas expression to accomplish something similar.

Hi @lukas, thanks for your reply. See I am using the same timelion query in both places:
.es(metric=avg:system.memory.free, q=" event.dataset:system.memory AND fields.execution.date:* AND fields.execution.type:Daily").label("Free").fit(mode=scale).yaxis(label="Gbytes", units="bytes"),
.es(metric=avg:system.memory.used.bytes, q=" event.dataset:system.memory AND fields.execution.date:* AND fields.execution.type:Daily").label("Used").fit(mode=scale)

In timelion works perfectly:

But in Canvas, it is missing the Y axis title, scale on Y axis is wrong:

Is this a bug or limitation in Canvas? Is there any way I can achieve the same as I did in Timelion?

Cesar Lino

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