Magnitude scaling on yaxis without specific unit

To avoid having too big unreadable numbers, is it possible with a timelion graph with the numbers on the yaxis to scale with an order of magnitude unit but without any specific unit qualifier?

For example, when using yaxis(unit=bits) there will be an automatic magnitude unit scaling like "20kb" instead of "20000b".

But if the qualifying unit is not 'bits' but something like "packets", "people" or anything, it could be interesting to only have the magnitude unit scaling and simply have "20k" in the y axis.

Hey Maxime,

unfortunately this cannot be done automatically in Timelion right now. You can open a feature request on GitHub for that feature.

If you know within what range your data is (i.e. what scaling you need) you could kind of applying this manually:


That would divide each value by 1000 and prefix the axis value with k. Though of course this only works, if you know exactly your range and know if you need kilo, mega, giga, etc. as a unit.


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