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I've been told Timelion is being phased-out by TSBV so I'm starting to use it in order to reproduce what I was used to do with Timelion.
I'm already quite surprised as it seems impossible to auto scale the Y-axis based on the min/max values of my bucket (it's already possible from other visualizations - like line if I remember)

Using the below section :

If I need to store the EUR rate and see how it goes over 5 minutes, I might need a 0.001 precision to see any variation... but tomorrow it will move and my min-max range will be obsolete !

Is there something I'm doing wrong ? Is it an already open issue I can follow up on github ?

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Hi @GitsBdr,

Just to make sure I understand you correctly - you are missing a function like "Scale to data bounds" in the regular visualizations in TSVB, right?

Unfortunately this is not possible currently in TSVB. I see how this feature would make a lot of sense, if you want to feel free to open a feature request in the Kibana Github repository.

About the future of Timelion: Only the Timelion standalone app is being phased out and will be removed with the next major version, the visualization type and the canvas integration will definitely stay way beyond that.

  • Yes this is what I meant

I opened up

Thanks again @flash1293

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