Scale to Y-Axis Data Bounds not working in Kibana 7.8.1 Visualization

I'm trying to create a split Line chart and, where Y-axis has different rangest the "Scale to Data Bounds" under Y-Axis settings is turned on but it seemed like it's not working

Hello @Gil_Levi

Can you post a screenshot of your progress, including the visualization configuration?


sure as you can see all the graphs are from 0-150 even that every one of them should be different

are you familiar with this issue?

Apologies for the delay. You're using a split chart, correct? The Y-Axis data bounds are shared among the split charts unless you create the charts individually.

no problem, thank you for the replay. so what is "Scale to data bounds" option do?

It does set the scale to the data bounds. You could also turn off 'Scale to data bounds' and set it manually. Once again, it'll apply to your set of split charts.

Yes, I know but I'm looking for an option to have a scale to each graph by his data boundaries. and not separate the data manually and open a graph one by one

Did you create the graphs individually or are they a split chart set?

split chart set

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