Superimposing line charts into one visualization

I have several real-time counters and have successfully created a visualization object for each of them. Is there a way to superimpose them into on object? I am fairly new to ELK. I don't see any documentation or example.

Thanks in advance for your help

I am using Kibana 1.4.2

sorry 4.1.2

Should be possible using the following configuration

Thank you Tanya. It works really well. Now I have a new issue. I have multiple charts with different scales that I want to show in one visualization. I want to avoid pre-processing the data to normalizing the scales. Is there a way in kibana to dynamically change the scaling on each chart in a visualization? I am currently using kibana version 4.1.2, elasticsearch 1.7.2, logstash 1.5.4

i see the following response based on a request in the pas - issue 2021. Has this been implemented?

@daks ok, so in your case the y-axis did scale to the data bounds, as 0 is the min and 250 and 70 were the max.

However, the implementation of Scale Y-axis to Data Bounds is off.

It should automatically be ticked when the data is scaled to the bounds of the data. Keep in mind that this is a global representation of the data, and not at a chart level. This also needs to be changed. At the moment each chart is not scaled individually. That is, every chart shares the same Y axis. We are working on implementing separate scales for charts. There is already an issue for this, see #2021. Finally another issue is that charts without data or with data that are all zeros should render a no results found message.

I am breaking these out into issues and re-titling this issue.

It's probably better to raise the second question in another thread , then others can see and help :slight_smile: