( Kibana visualize ) A value greater than "Max axis extents" is not displayed with on Line chart

When we update version of kibana from 7.11 to 7.12,
a value greater than "Max axis extents(Y-axes)" is not displayed on Line chart of visualize.
On prior to 7.11, When the value of the data exceeded "Max axis extents", the data was plotted on the "Max axis extents".

Please tell me how to display the value like previous version.
This is because the data is difficult to see in the current situation.

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Hey @kash203,

We are in the process of replacing our legacy chart rendering library with our new chart library. This includes visualize line charts in 7.12.

The fastest solution is to just revert back to the legacy chart rendering library by enabling visualization:visualize:legacyChartsLibrary.

In the meantime, I will look into this and see if there is a workaround in the new chart library implementation. Could you please post an image of what it looked like before in 7.11?


Thank you for your confirmation @nickofthyme - san

I tried the solution you suggested and confirmed it works.
However it effects to all visualize, so I would appreciate it if Elastic could provide other solution in the future.

Could you please post an image of what it looked like before in 7.11 ?

It is below #2.

#1. Version is 7.11, max axis for y is not set

#2. Version is 7.11, max axis for y is 120

#3. Version is 7.12, max axis for y is 120

When I look #3 first time, I feel that the data is nothing .
But actually , the data not plotted on the chart is exceeding the limit of display and it is one of what I would like to monitor.

So I think such data should be displayed like #2.

Best regards.