Ignore value that is too large


A am making a graph of the request duration time.
Sometimes, I get very large value in my log and the entire graph rescales to fit that single large value.
Is it possible to set the highest value of the time and cap everything exceeding this value?

I tried "Set Y-Axis extents", but in that case graph is always re-scaled to include that high value, and it is inconvenient when all values are (much) smaller.


Hi John, could you post a screenshot?

I just tested it myself and it looks like setting the extents will clip values that extend beyond it. Is this what you're trying to do? Here's a screenshot:


Now imagine that there is no values close to 15. All value are between 0 and 1.

You will have huge white area at the top (between 1 and 15) and tiny graph between 0 < y < 1,

I want lower Y bound to be always 0, but high bound to scale to my real data values but no more than some cap (15 in your case).

Hi John,

Well, you can hard-code that maximum extent to some value which typically makes sense for your data, if you have a predictable data set and you know what that value is. But unfortunately you can't configure the visualization to both scale the axis dynamically and respect a hard-coded range. Sorry! I hope this helps clarify things.


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