"Clip" extrenous data in the Y Axis


I'm a bit new to Kibana 5, and I was hoping someone could help me out. Previously, in Kibana 3, we could clip externous data from the Y access due to recording errors, and "clean up" our graphs. I can't seem to find how to do this in Kibana 5, or if it's even possible. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Not exactly sure what you mean here, but you can click and drag on the graph to filter by only the range you'd like to include in the graph.

That works for the X axis, but the not the Y

You can manually do this by going into the "Metrics & Axes" tab, clicking on "Show Advanced Options", checking "Set Axis Extents", and setting the "Max" and "Min" to your desired values.

I could easily do that in Kibana 3 and 4, and it would only impact that graph, but I am not seeing that option in Kibana 5.1.1, see sample attached, it used to be an option on the top right of each graph.

In 5.1, it's here in the "Options" tab in the Visualize app. You'll have to set it here for it to take effect on Dashboard.


Any plans on making it as easy to find and implement as it was in 3 and 4? Where you didn't have to go back and forth from visualize and dashboard and not having to make wholesale changes to dashboards?

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