Vertical zoom, drag, Y axis position

Hello all
I'm currently trying to use kibana to analyse data coming out of SCADA monitoring software.
I would like to be able to view the following graph
X-Axis: Time
Y-axis 1: A temperature beetween 0 to 1200 degrees
Y-Axis 2: another parameter beetween -15 and + 30 for example.
My issue is that I haven't figured out a way to zoom the graph to have my y-axis 1 beetween 1000 and 1010 for example and the y-Axis 2 remaining beetween -15 and +30.
It seems that we can only zoom the X Axis but not the Y-Axis.
Any clues?

Another thing would be to be able to drag the Graph From Right to Left Or Left To right (And eventually Top/Bottom)

Thanks a lot

Hello all,
I'm just pushing that topic up in case someone can help and missed it

There isn't really a way that I can think of to display it like you want it for the 2 y-axis. If you can create a mockup I could take it to our vis team to have it as an improvement.
But for now you can just have 2 different visualizations on a dashboard, one under the other. This way you can have both extents set and you can see them next to each other.

For zooming there is no way to do it on the axis with the aggregated data, as when you "zoom" on x-axis you're just filtering documents out of the request to elasticsearch. Zooming on the y-axis would imply filtering results from Elasticsearch.

As for dragging the chart left to right or top to bottom that is not possible. You could open an enhancement request for this in here:

Regarding the X/Y zoom. There are two options:
Either the Y boundaries are able to auto-adjust when we zoom in. (Even with multiple axis)

Or better if we are able to use a rectangle to zoom in

What do you think?

Yeah, that part of the zoom is not supported as it would be filtering data on the resulting aggregation. You can open an enhancement request, but they way ES works right now it wouldn't be able to do it, so it would be a Kibana post-process that would do the aggregation axis.

Thanks Marius.
It is really sad that such a feature is not coming out of the box from Kibana (which is indeed an amazing tool).
I've created a feature request... Hope it will be considered somehow.

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