Customizing Kibana visualizations

Hi Team,
I have created a Vertical bar chart visualization in Kibana 6.6. Now I wanted to do few things which is not possible directly in Kibana visualization like have d3 formatted label for y-axis so that I read 100,000,000 as 100M,80,000,000 as 80M . I have now truncated x-axis label to 6 to incorporate all the values horizontally. But the way i want it to be displayed is like eg: for C12 ARKANSAS OIL LLC it should be shownlike

I understand we can edit the visState json under saved object in management. What I wanted to know is there any easy way of editing the object created in visStateby adding few configuration parameters for achieving the above use case. If this not possible please let me know hat is the best way of achieving it

PFB a snapshot of the current visualization created

Hi Team,
Can you please confirm on this

Any immediate help will be really helpful

I believe this problem has been fixed in newer versions of Kibana (possibly need to use the new Lens visualizations).

To get this working in 6.6, I think your best options are either to build this in Canvas which has many more customization options for styling visualizations or to use a Vega visualization (though this is much more advanced)

Thanks @joshdover

We have another requirement to have scroll wheel zoom enable in cordinate map visualization. Can you confirm how we can achieve it in Kibana 6.6 since by default cordinate map does not provide this functionality. Also can you let me know in which version of Kibana release this is fixed since i can see there was an issue closed for this

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