How to zoom in the Y-Axis in a line chart using kibana 7.16?

Hello everyone,

I'm new in Elasticsearch/Kibana and this is my first post, maybe the question is simple but I already expend hours trying to solve this issue, also looking for something similar in many forums but nothing so far.

I'm working on an application that get values from different cryptocurrency exchanges and I'm trying to plot that values on Kibana (V 7.16.3) to visually compare the oscillations, everything is working fine (I think), the main application is getting the values from the exchanges and sending to Elasticsearch (V 7.16.3) and I can see the values on Kibana/Discover.

So, in Kibana, I created a new dashboard with a Lens panel, I added the DateTime field to X-axis, ask price and bid price to Y-axis and the exchange name as a break down. The plot looks nice as you can see:

According to this post,, the time field must be named as "@timestamp", I did it but makes no difference.

The problem is, all the values are very close to each other, around 35000 (today), a very small difference comparing to the total size of the Y-axis and I can not adjust the Y-axis to get a small window to only see the values of interest. Ideally, the window would be -50 / +50 around the central value, or something like this.

I don't need different scales to each line, in really it must be the same scale. And values will change over the time, so, the value window will change in size too.

Thanks in advance.

Hi you can customize the y-axis by click the up and down arrow button next to chart type selector ("Line" now) drop-down.

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