Multiple Y-Axis extents on line charts?

Is there way to set separate Y-axis extents for each line on a line chart? Often I want to show changes of two fields that have very different values, and the smaller values become imperceptible and flattened to the bottom of the chart.

Another option would be to add a metric that shows the percentage change from the previous X-axis value.

Are either of these methods available in Kibana?

Not currently, no.


You could create a scripted field that scales some of the values so they're comparable on your line chart.
So for example, if you had fieldA that was in the range of 0-1024 bytes, and another fieldB that was in the range of megabytes, you could create a scripted field like 'fieldB-MB' with a script like doc['fieldB'].value / (1024 * 1024). Then use that scripted field instead of fieldB on your chart.


Thanks Lee. That is a handy workaround. It's a little cumbersome when dealing with lots of fields, but it's better than splitting up charts.