KIbana Visualization Scaling

i have a kibana 5 line chart visualization that has a scripted field which is showing percentage of performance.
my data range is so close it is between 98% and 100%. so that i cant get very readable kibana visualization because my visualization shows from 0 to 100% which i do not need , is there anyway to zoom or scale or any solution in scripted field to show just the visualization from 95% to 100%?i have another visualization with data range 0 and 10% and it is automatically scaling and bounding but i cant solve above mentioned problem.


Hi @FardinBehboudi,

there is a "Set Y-Axis Extents" setting on the "Options" tab of the visualization editor, which can be used to manually set the interval displayed on the y-axis:

Alternatively, the "Scale Y-Axis to Data Bounds" setting on the same tab will automatically adjust the interval for you:

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Perfect, thank you very much. very useful

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