Is possible to make a kibana data visualization like this

Hello, i'm triying to make a visualization that take 3 numbers from fileds in my index ej:

total_amount : "500"
approved_amount: "400"
rejected_amount: "100"

i want to know if is possible to make one visualization where the "total_amount" will be the top range of the chart and "approved_amount", "rejected_amount" will distribute accordingly in a percentaje or something.

I was trying with the pie and bar charts but i don't know if its possible or i'm just clueless.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "top range". Could you elaborate or maybe create a little sketch how you imagine the chart to look like?

Sure, something like this i was trying with bars

I see, I think you might be able to solve that using the "Scale to data bounds" setting in the "Metrics & axes" tab:

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